Nuhanovic Foundation


For more than a decade, The Nuhanovic Foundation (now NCIC), together with its partners and affiliate organizations, has been supporting victims and survivors of international crimes through litigation, advocacy and knowledge. Through our efforts we strive to create positive change and ensure that those responsible for war crimes are held accountable.


The Nuhanovic Foundation (now NCIC) was established in the Netherlands in 2011 by Prof. Liesbeth Zegveld together with a team of leading litigators and specialists in the field of accountability and remedies for violations of international and humanitarian law. Over the years, the organisation has provided litigation support and legal advice to victims of international crimes, conducted advocacy to champion the rights of survivors, and measured the impact of legal action through a comprehensive thematic database which explores the developing law of reparations.

In 2023, The Nuhanovic Foundation underwent a period of transition and growth, and rebranded itself as the Netherlands Centre for International Crimes. The new Centre aims to proactively engage with survivor communities to implement victim-led justice processes, and play a crucial role in facilitating legal action for international crimes before domestic and international justice mechanisms in the Netherlands.


To provide holistic support and assistance to civilian victims of war who seek access to justice, redress and remedy in the form of reparations, restitution, acknowledgment or compensation for the harm they suffered due to violations of international criminal law and grave human rights violations.

Through our tireless dedication to and a steadfast belief in the power of rule of law, we envision and work towards a future where survivors are not merely recipients of justice, but active participants in the processes that have the power to bring reparation and closure to them.


To facilitate legal action & litigation for violations of international crimes by engaging victims and survivors, triggering legal action, conducting case building activities and acting as a link between justice mechanisms and victim communities.

To offer advice, information and advocacy to champion survivors’ rights, and evolve into a central information and resource centre providing legal and non-legal support to victims and survivors of international crimes.

To research the impact of legal actions and litigation for international crimes and grave human rights abuses, facilitate knowledge-sharing between academia and society, and become a definitive authority on the impact of litigation for international crimes on survivors, communities, politics and legislation.


Our goal at the Nuhanovic Foundation is unwavering — to stand as a beacon of hope, justice, and resilience for victims of international crimes.

Our work extends beyond legal representation; we aim to foster a future where every survivor’s voice is heard, where accountability prevails over impunity, and where the healing process is supported.