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The Nuhanovic Foundation’s network of investigative journalists and legal experts work to expose the damage done to civilians by war and war crimes, and to secure justice and reparations for civilian casualties

Our Goal

Established in 2012, The Nuhanovic Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advocating for the rights of victims of war crimes and international law violations. Through legal assistance, research, knowledge sharing and public outreach, we seek to hold perpetrators accountable and to ensure that survivors receive the recognition, justice, and support they deserve.

Our Mission

We aim to facilitate the establishment of legal responsibility for historical harm – an indispensable building block for the peaceful resolution of conflict and maintenance of the rule of law. Our work is guided by a commitment to upholding the principles of international humanitarian law and promoting lasting peace and justice.

Our Vision

The Nuhanovic Foundation envisions a world where human rights are upheld, perpetrators of international crimes are held accountable, and survivors of atrocities receive recognition, justice, and support. Our ultimate goal is to eradicate impunity for international crimes and to ensure that all victims can access justice.

Our History

The Nuhanovic Foundation was established in the Netherlands in 2011 by prof. Liesbeth Zegveld together with a team of leading litigators and specialists in the field of accountability and remedies for violations of international and humanitarian law. Over the years, the Foundation has grown into an organisation that provides litigation support to victims of international crimes and maintains a comprehensive thematic database exploring the developing law of reparations

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