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Rianne Letschert et al; Victimological Approaches to International Crimes: Africa





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Intersentia 2011
ISBN 978-9-40000-090-2

The peculiar situation of victims of international crimes calls for a holistic approach that links various relevant fields like traumatic stress, the social psychology of group conflict and resolution and the psychology and sociology of legal processes. The latter is important in its own right, but also for the on-going efforts in transitional and international criminal justice, as it can provide the empirical underpinning of the choices and developments in these fields. Transcending the disciplinary divisions in the study of victims of international crimes is the main focus of this first volume of essays contributing to developing victimological approaches to international crimes. Focusing on the African continent, scholars from different disciplines review the similarities and differences between victims of ordinary crimes and those of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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