International Disability Alliance, Suggestions for the 104th session of the HRC (BiH)

In this document the International Disability Alliance (IDA) has proposed questions for the 104th session of the Human Rights Committee (HRC). Before phrasing the questions the IDA discusses the state report that was submitted by Bosnia and Herzegovina to the HRC (pp. 6-12). The report shows that because of an amendment of legislation the position of victims of torture, civilian war victims, and persons with disabilities in general have been improved.

The IDA discusses multiple articles in the Law on Basic Social Protection of Civilian victims of War and Families with Children (the Law) on the basis of which civilian war victims can receive benefits. The IDA criticises the fact that the current database of civilian war victims and their families lacks a mechanism for collecting, recording and processing beneficiaries by different criteria for the purposes monitoring and reporting. A second point of critique is the fact that civilians who became disabled as a result of imprisonment are granted entitlements under the Law, while other civilian victims of war (apart from victims of sexual assault and rape) are not. It is also stated that amendments to the Laws on Social Protection in the Federation have increased discrimination against persons with congenital and acquired disabilities in favour of persons with disabilities as a result of war.