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Heike Niebergall and Norbert Wühler; International Support for Reparation Processes and the Palestinian Refugee, Chatham House





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This insightful article by Heike Niebergall and Norbert Wühler places the issue of reparations to Palestinian refugees in a broader perspective, by examining the support for different sorts of reparation endeavours on the international plane.

The authors explain that addressing this issue will require considerable support by third states and international organisations. Preparatory work so far has aimed primarily at peace negotiations; international support could broaden its scope and bring about more viable approaches. Mere compensation of damages, the authors state, will not suffice to resolve the Palestinian refugees issue; a more durable solution needs to be found that encompass adequate residency options for all refugees. The authors see an important role for the international community as a whole, and more particularly those states that host the refugees.

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