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This case concerns the enforced disappearance of relatives from the Vogosca municipality of Sarajevo during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The BiH authorities have consistently failed to undertake adequate investigations and to keep the families of victims fully informed of any progress made in uncovering the truth about their missing relatives. Prior to these communications to the HRC, the Constitutional Court of BiH had already declared (Feb. 2006) a violation by BiH of the right not to be subjected to torture and inhuman and degrading treatment and the right to respect for private and family life of the relatives of disappeared persons. The Court ordered the relevant domestic institutions to disclose all available information on the fate and whereabouts of the disappeared people. In October 2006  the Constitutional Court declared that the Council of Ministers of BiH, the government of the Republika Srpska, the government of the Federation of BiH and the government of the Brčko District of had failed to enforce its previous decision.

From 11-28 March 2013 the HRC ‘adopted views’ on the cases of these victims and informed BiH as to its obligations. BiH was given 180 days to respond. We have no knowledge of the State’s response to date.

Here you can read a neat summary of the case provided by TRIAL who has been representing these victims (among many othrs) in their communications with the Human Rights Committee.

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