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On 8 October 2016, Aleppo Cardiologist Doctor Moawyah Al-Awad, filed proceedings against Russia before the European Court of Human Rights. He alleges that Russian forces have repeatedly and intentionally bombed the hospital where he works in eastern Aleppo, with devastating consequences for victims. This explanatory note, published by the Middle-east Monitor, describes the circumstances leading to the case being brought. Dr Al-Awad, alleges that Russia has violated Articles 2 – the right to life, 3 – freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment and 8 – respect for private and family life. The circumstances that caused Dr Al Awad to file this case, are already acknowledged, by the international community to be exceptional in their gravity and consequences for the affected victims. The Russian Ambassador to the UK has confirmed that the Russian government has intentionally bombed certain hospitals. Aerial attacks include bunker-busting bombs and the use of cluster bombs that scatter hundreds of smaller bombs, exploding over a wide area and leaving a legacy of unexploded munitions, and incendiary bombs. At the time of writing, victims have had no access to any remedy or redress.

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