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Human Rights Watch; Syria – Coordinated Chemical Attacks on Aleppo





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Human Rights Watch has documented through diverse methods, such as real-time reporting on social media and interviews corroborated with at least one witness, the coordinated chemical attacks conducted in opposition-controlled parts of Aleppo by the Syrian government forces. This short report specially focuses on eight attacks held between the 17th of November massive aerial bombardment and the 13th of December ceasefire. (November 18: Masaken Hanano, November 20: al-Sakhour, November 20: Tariq al-Bab, November 22: Karm al-Qaterji, Daheert Awwad, Karm al-Jazmati, November 23: Karm al-Jazmati, November 28: Karm al-Qaterji, Qadi Askar, December 8: al-Maghayer, al Fardous, Kallaseh, December 9:Kallaseh)

After an introduction table summarizing the information on the attacks : date/time, district, civilian casualties, and evidence, the report further develops each of them with testimonies and factual evidence. This reports firmly condemns the use of chemical weapons as an ‘overall military strategy for retaking Aleppo’. It calls on the Syrian government to respect its obligations deriving from the Chemical Weapons Convention, to end immediately using chemicals and to fully cooperate with the UN-appointed investigation; and on the Security Council to impose sanctions for non-compliance with its Resolution 2235.

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