European Court of Human Rights; Country Profile on Turkey

The ECtHR’s 2018 press country profile on Turkey gives an overview of the most notable cases against Turkey before the European Court up until October 2018. The report provides a short description of the facts of each case, identifies the human rights that were violated, and summarises the decisions of the Strasbourg Court. Some of the cases are connected with the conflict in Southeast Turkey, between Turkish government forces and the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK). For example, one of the oldest cases mentioned in the press country profile is the case of Mentes and others v. Turkey, concerning houses burned during an operation by the security forces in 1993 in the context of the conflict in Southeast Turkey between the security forces and members of the PKK, the latter being an illegal party. Furthermore, the case of Isikirik v. Turkey concerns the applicant’s criminal conviction for membership of the PKK, following his participation in the funeral of four members of the PKK, and in a demonstration. He claims that this was a violation of the Article 11 ECHR – the right of freedom of assembly and association. Another case relevant to the Southeast conflict is the case of Güclü v. Turkey concerning the conviction and detention of a minor for two years for membership of the PKK.