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European Parliament Resolution P8_TA-PROV(2018)0342 on the state of EU-US relations (2017/2271(INI))





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In this resolution the European Parliament (EP) expresses its concerns over the state of European Union’s (EU) relations with the United States (US) under the Trump administration, in particular in the field of defence, security and counter terrorism. Having stated that fighting terrorism requires a comprehensive approach respecting fundamental human rights, the resolution expresses its concerns over the US drone killing program (para. 39); its already limited restrictions are reportedly further removed under president Trump. Not only this allows for expansion of the drone killing program, it also enhances the risk of civilian harm and unlawful killings. Furthermore, the lack of transparency of the US drone program and EU member States’ assistance therein is criticized. Whereas the EP in this resolution advocates for “robust binding standards” on state assistance in lethal drone bombings, the reality is that to date, the EU has proven to be too internally divided to establish such standards. Unfortunately, this resolution, that can be seen in light of the 2014/2567(RSP) resolution on armed drones, fails to touch upon the issue of accountability for violations of international (human rights) law while conducting drone strikes.

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