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European Parliament Resolution P8_TA-PROV(2018)0383 on the Situation in Yemen





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This resolution of 4 October 2018 articulates the European Parliament’s (EP) deep concerns about the distressing situation in war-torn Yemen that is characterized by human rights abuses and grave breaches of international humanitarian law. As regards extrajudicial killings occurring in this conflict, including those executed by deploying armed drones, the EP urges the Council of the European Union (the Council)[1] and European Union (EU) member states to voice their disapproval on this issue, to reaffirm the EU’s position under international law and to ensure that member states do not perpetrate, facilitate or otherwise take part in unlawful lethal operations. The Council is also urged to adopt a common position on the use of armed drones (para. 17).

The concerns expressed by the EP about the use of armed drones fit into a series of previously expressed worries marked in recently adopted resolutions of 5 July and 12 September 2018. In 2014 the EP has clarified its position on the use of armed drones through resolution 2014/2567(RSP).

[1] In the Council, government ministers from each EU country meet to discuss, amend and adopt laws, and coordinate policies.

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