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Syria Legal Network; Forced displacements in Homs (2013-2017), charging president Al Assad for crimes against humanity and war crimes





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‍This report examines the relevant legal framework for attributing responsibility to Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad for the crime of forcibly displacing civilians from the city of Homs. The report consists of two parts. The first part summarizes the facts of the forced displacements that took place between 2013 and 2017 in Homs’ suburb Al Waer. The information is based on the quarterly Siege Watch reports that have been published by PAX and the Syria Institute since 2016. The second part presents a model indictment against Bashar Al-Assad alleging his criminal responsibility for the crime of forced displacement and for crimes that took place in the context of the forced displacements. Syria Legal Network-NL hopes that the report will contribute to clarifying the role of the Syrian government regarding the forced displacements of civilians.

The report is drafted by lawyers of the Syria Legal Network-NL in cooperation with students of the University of Amsterdam Law Faculty and interns of the War Reparations Centre and the Nuhanovic Foundation.

The report can also soon be read on the Syria Legal Network website

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