UNHCR Report on the impact of the state of emergency on human rights in Turkey, including an update on the South-East

This is a report providing an overview of key human rights concerns in Turkey in the period between January and December 2017, with a focus on the consequences of the state of emergency on the enjoyment of human rights. The findings of OHCHR point to a constantly deteriorating human rights situation, exacerbated by the erosion of the rule of law .    


When it comes to the situation in Southeast Turkey and the security operations carried out in the period of 2015-2016, the OHCHR has been continuously receiving allegations specific to the conflicts in that region, serving as evidence of human rights violations. Such violations include  killings; torture; violence against women; excessive use of force; destruction of housing and cultural heritage; prevention of access to emergency medical care, safe water and livelihoods; and severe restrictions or the right to freedom or  e xpression.  Therefore, as part of the analysis on human rights violations throughout the whole territory of Turkey, the report also accords special attention to the ramifications following the armed conflict in the Southeast region.